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    Fee Payment Schedule

    by Elearn Support -

    To Students 

    From: Finance Department

    Please take note that:
    1.    End of March 40% of  total fee must be paid ,otherwise,  student might not be able to sit for the mid term test.

    2.    End of April  30% of  total fee must be paid , otherwise students might not be able to sit for the final exam.

    3.    All fees must be cleared before exam , failure may not allow students to sit for the final exam.



    by Elearn Support -


    Dear students,
    We are pleased to announce that we now have the students email service up and running. Each and every registered student will have his/her personal and unique email ID.
    Please note that students email is hosted with Google Workspace for Education. As such, you will notice most of the Google's Gmail features once you have logged in. However, the domain name remains ours and is unique - sinustudents.edu.sb. The login URL for your student email is http://webmail.sinustudents.edu.sb.
    Students are asked to call in at ICT Department to get your new email ID details. Any student having difficulty accessing his/her email is asked to talk to ICT department regarding your issue(s).

    Yours sincerely,

    ICT Support

    Corona E-Book

    by Elearn Support -

    Dear SINU Students,

    As the threat of the Corona COVID-19 looms into our shores;
    It is essential to get rightful information to be better prepared.
    Attached is the Corona e-book shared to us by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.
    Remember: Prevention is Better than Cure.